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Graduate School of the KIT
Jurana Hetterich
Dr. Jurana Hetterich
Coordination Erasmus Mundus Program

jurana hetterichYkv8∂kit edu
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Erasmus Mundus Flyer Master Program

For further information see our flyer.

Erasmus Mundus EUROPHOTONICS: MSc Program

Join one of the most challenging fields in science in the 21st century and accomplish your master studies in Marseille, Karlsruhe, and Barcelona.



Due to changes it is not decided yet if there will be a start in 2015.  Feel free to contact Jurana Hetterich for detailed information about an eventual next start.

We advise you to apply for the regular KSOP Master Program. If Europhotonics offers an Erasmus program you might be able to change.

The EUROPHOTONICS master course offers excellent teaching at top-level universities and individual study mobility throughout Europe. An extensive two-year master-level teaching program focusing on advanced and applied research topics that will constitute the near and extended future scientific goals in the field of Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics, Biophotonics, and their interdisciplinary applications.

Your advantages

  • Duration of 2 years.
  • 3 M.Sc. degrees.
  • 3 different European countries.
  • Instruction language: English.
  • Scholarships available: 500€/month  (EU students), 1000€/month (non-EU students).
  • Complete support in accommodation, relocation between the places of study as well as in matters of administration.

Scholarship Program

Scholarships run for the entire program duration of 2 years. Approx. 20 study places and 15 scholarships are available per year.
Non-EU students receive 1,000€/month plus 3,200€ at the beginning of the master phase and 3,000€ after one year for the installation costs (total: 6,200 € for the installation costs).
EU students receive 500€/month and an installation money of 700€.


Program & Mobility Structure

  • 1st semester: Fundamentals (Marseille).
  • 2nd semester: Core Subjects & Industry Internship (Karlsruhe).
  • 3rd semester: Specialization (Karlsruhe, Marseille or Barcelona).
  • 4th semester: M.Sc. thesis (Karlsruhe, Marseille or Barcelona).
Depending on the personal mobility structure, graduates will receive a Master of Science degree awarded by at least 2 universities. For the 2-year Master of Science (M.Sc.) program, 120 ECTS points are awarded. The language of instruction is English.

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor degree corresponding to at least 180 ECTS in the field of physics, engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physical chemistry, applied physics, optics or a related field.
  • A medium level in English is required. Regarding the English proficiency, applicants can replace the TOEFL test by a confirmation from their current university.

Application Procedure

Please contact Jurana Hetterich for information on an eventual start in October 2015 in Marseille.